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 The Dzmael Darkhold Raid Tips and tricks

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Richard Cypher
Richard Cypher

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PostSubject: The Dzmael Darkhold Raid Tips and tricks   Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:58 pm

As before Seraphim brought to you folks all the locations and gear drops of the mid-rank NMs we also plan to post tips, tricks, and strats for the dungeons as well. So feel free to add to this thread if you wish to contribute.

If you feel we shouldn't post this info then please just go to some other thread, we are about community building not elitism.

Let me first start out by saying this thread WILL contain Spoilers.

Ok so a few things to keep in mind inside of this dungeon.

Time is your worst enemy
The All Seeing Eye can not be killed
You do not need to kill all enemies to proceed
Rings unlock doors
Each ring has a certain amount of circles which indicate how many players must stand in said ring to unlock it
clearing out all rings in a section will despawn all remaining enemies in that section
once a section is cleared and the door opens the All Seeing Eye will move onto the next section
The Ogre is damn hard until you figure it out.

OK so lets first discuss the All Seeing Eye. This is a mob that is like the evil eyes you see throughout the game. This Eye paths back and forth from the beginning of a section to the end of a section, at regular timed intervals he stops and AoEs (think of how slugs discharge). This AoE will not 1 shot but can be a nuisance if you are fighting a pack of mobs. So plan accordingly watch the eye (he shows up on your mini map) watch his pattern and run past him or away from him at appropriate times.

Ok lets talk about mobs, mobs consist of Hypogriphs, Anglers, Moles, Toads, , huminoids, drakes, Skellies, and Bogies. All mobs are rank 60 most come in a pack some can be single target pulled but it is best to get as many as you can handle at a time and AoE burn them, remember we are on a time limit.

Ok lets talk about rings, in each section there will be rings that a number of party members need to stand in to activate ranging from 2 players to 7, the number needed is displayed in the ring by circles. Sometimes it takes activating multiple rings to unlock a door if all rings in a section are activated then all mobs in that section will despawn (this does not count for the first section, those mobs will only despawn by clearing the rings in the second section. A good strat to save time is to buff up with protect, shell, stoneskin, and shockspikes then everyone run to the rings enough people on each to activate while taking hits from mobs. The rings will activate and mobs despawn so that you can save time and advance.

Ok dead ends. Dead ends will sometimes contain chests, these chest contain anywhere from new gear to dark matter to crap. Use your own discretion to either get them or skip them to save on time.

Once you get to the skellies you will come upon a transporter there is an object in the middle of this transporter (it is hard to see and small) use it to teleport to the next section where you will no longer be plagued by that damned All Seeing Eye.

The Ogre:

This guy is tough, he does the normal spit that is a conal AoE that hits hard I mean it was hitting my rank 50 lancer for 1300+

he also does what looks like an elbow drop that is an AoE as well this doesn't hit as hard as the spit but still hurts.

What makes this fight so hard are the bogies in the room, they line up in a circle around the room, have to much health to kill and AoE if you get near them. every now and then they will disappear and reappear near the boss forcing you to move the boss during this time.

Inferno Drop, at a certain point the Ogre will enrage, I believe it is close to 75% health remaining. Inferno drop is a circular AoE that will pretty much wipe anyone not a gladiator that is to close, there are a couple ways to avoid this which I will explain below.

Ranged Tactic: This tactic is class stacking, where you have one melee (tank) and 7 ranged classes (Archer, Thaum, Con).

Start the fight with the tank tanking the boss in a small cuby hole near one of the ramps (the small hole not the bigger one). Make sure you face the Ogre toward the wall behind you. All other classes will be behind the Ogre in the larger cuby hole, there should be a ramp on both sides of the ranged group.

Have someone call out the teleportation of the bogies. Once the call is made the tank will pull the Ogre up the ramp closest to him and face him toward the wall directly up the ramp, the ranged group will run up the other ramp to position themselves within ranged attacking distance. Once the bogies disappear again everyone repositions themselves in their previous spots using the same ramp they had used before. Do this until the Ogre battle is done.

Non Range Heavy Tactic: The difference between this tactic and the other is you do not class stack, you will mix in melee with ranged. With this tactic you have to pay attention to a couple of things. 1. Do not attack the Ogre in the back, doing so will cause him to perform his elbow drop attack which will hurt. 2. Inferno Drop: This is an AoE that does a huge amount of damage and will kill anyone not a tank (usually) within range. This attack can be stopped though with properly timed weapon skills, so make sure everyone has a TP skill (- Moonrise II - Twisting Vice - from LNC work on every class so i suggest to use them, i use myself on MRD) ready at all times and use when he starts glowing red to stop the attack.

MAGE TIP: Just a tip for mages, make sure you have a decent MP pool and pump up some Mind points. Stygian Spikes and MP Siphon are quite useful during long stretches, or if you are jumped by groups of mobs. Also make sure you have Tranquility / Exaltation, and don't be afraid to use it regularly. On top of that when fighting bosses if you feel comfortable enough and time it right you can use the ability that binds you to the ground and halves all mp costs on abilities (shadow something)

TANK TIP: Cure yourself, for like the first couple minutes of the fight, it generates a ton of hate and save your casters MP for when it is really needed. Cure II and Sacrifice II will suffice but if you have the tier 3 of those versions then you are in hate central.

Speed Runs: As stated above Time is your worst enemy, so you are going to want to get through the trash as quickly as possible. One way to do this very fast is by using sleep on the mobs or just out running there leash point to try and get to the blue rings asap to make them disappear.

ok so those are the tips and tricks so far, I will of course update this as time permits. Another thing to keep in mind that will go a long way is remember mp management sucks for mages now, the more you avoid the AoEs in the dungeon the easier it is on your healer(s). Also Curaga/II pulls a ton of hate as well as Sac/Cure III be careful with using these spells as they can have disastrous effects when fighting the Ogre. Once I have more information about the areas past the Ogre i will post them.

With that here is to hoping everyone has an enjoyable time in the Darkhold!

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Richard Cypher
Richard Cypher

Posts : 15
Join date : 2011-09-17
Age : 32
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: The Dzmael Darkhold Raid Tips and tricks   Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:59 pm

Also this video might give an idea on where positions should be.

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Chimaira Septimius
Chimaira Septimius

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PostSubject: Quickstride in Dungeon   Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:20 pm

As Amiral Benson Suggested in game, Quickstride (ARC 22 Ability) will be useful for any Party member to make the runs quick and avoid fast, many mobs in the path.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dzmael Darkhold Raid Tips and tricks   

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The Dzmael Darkhold Raid Tips and tricks
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