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 Maelstorm's Rams

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Chimaira Septimius
Chimaira Septimius

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PostSubject: Maelstorm's Rams   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:01 pm

There is not many things to do yet as Limsa Lominsa GC players, beside the caravan escort at camp bloodshore lv 25 (50 seals reward) or at camp skull valley lv 45 (150-250 seals depend on the run) seals are not fixed if u dont kill all monster u wont get a 50 seals bonus, and for any chocobo lost is less seal at the end. For now if u going for seals, is better make a CON THM party to nuke fast AoE since they nerfed other job AoE in patch 1.20
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Maelstorm's Rams
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