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 Public harassment, my right of reply

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Amiral Benson
Amiral Benson

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PostSubject: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:00 am

Hello adventurers,

It's been weeks that Elk Trinity harasses me publicly and freely, because he does that mostly behind my back, I didn't have the chance to defend myself until yesterday.

Usually those quarrel must be solved in private with /tell, but since Elk Trinity doesn't accept /tell about it, from me or from others who tried to defend me, and since his attacks against me are mainly public and behind my back, and since he knows that I am not as good as him in English and that I can't write in English as fast as him, this is unfair and I can't defend myself as I would like, I'm not enough fast or skilled as him in English, so I decided to defend myself publicly here.

This is my right of reply, the right of defend myself, a public reply, because patiently he told everyone lies about me, he insulted me gratuitous, he turned people against me, and because he always distorts what I said to him in private.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who came to support me yesterday in /tell, and telling me that Elk was wrong to do that, that means a lot to me, thank you all.

First times, when people came to me to warn me that Elk Trinity was saying bad things about me in the public LS chat logs, I didn't do anything, I ignored him, that's the best adult thing to do in those cases.
But yesterday, someone came to warn me that Elk Trinity was calling me a douchebag in the LS public chat logs, and that he was saying that I was the new Wendy Marvell and the new Lavella Nyteshade, that was purely gratuitous, with no arguments.

So this time, it was too much, he knew that was online (he confirmed that just after), and that I was able to read his insults, so this is pure and gratuitous provocation, he pissed me off, I could not do nothing like the other times.

This is haressment, and you know what is the most crazy thing about that ? It's that he wrote a Topic here, in the Enraged Ram Forum, where he suggests rules for the LS, among them there is:


Elk Trinity wrote:
Ram is enranged because he protect each other and don't let drama
Elk Trinity wrote:
(my opinion is ) a Leader should be a main user Ram LS. Because we need leader to keep ls alive. to help other in game and keep drama at minimum.
Elk Trinity wrote:
Leader have the obligation to talk with other Leader and sometime request kick or penality for any Racist, cheat, steal or harassment against another member.

He's the leader of ER, and he is harassing me, and he created patiently this drama. So what the hell ?

Why does he do that ? I don't know, seriously, I don't know. Since he's in this LS I barely talked to him, except one week ago, he came to me, and talked to me for 3 hours. That was a nice and friendly conversation, with absolutely no hate, no insult, he asked me a lot of things, we talked about many topics, games, musics, statistics, social scientific analysis, strategy, etc.

Yesterday he confessed that in reality he was not talking to me, but spying me !!! What the hell ???

During this 3 hours conversation I gave him a lots of answers and explanations to his questions. But there is something he already knew because I already told him that a while ago, that since two month now, I work between 70 and 80 hours per week, I work every day of the week, I'm exhausted, I run my own business and maybe he doesn't want to understand but there is a crisis in Europe, to compensate that, I took more clients, and more difficult projects, I have a lot of pressure, and I can't play a lot.

So I told him weeks ago, that it's been 2 years now that I play FFXIV, I play since the 1st Alpha, I have a lots of friends in the game, including real life friends, friends from Alpha and Beta, so I have a lots of LS pearl, and I can't read all LS chat logs all the time, this is impossible, this cause me headaches (too much different conversations), I don't want to, I don't have time to do that, and now I have even less time to do that.

When I log into the game, I'm already in TeamSpeak with friends, so I talked to friends, and in less than 5 minutes I'm already in a party, I participate in the party conversation, and you know what, Chim is not the only one who send blind party invites all the time.
Sorry but I see beyond LS wars, I'm not here to be owned by a LS, what I like is to play with lots of people, trying lots of different things, Palamecia is a World, not a world divided into clans.

What probably Elk dislike about me, is that I don't answer in LS chat when he calls me in, this is because I don't read LS chats all the time, I explained him weeks ago that if he wants to talk to me, he can use /tell like everybody or come to TeamSpeak, I have a console dedicated to /tell, and /tell make sounds, I always reply to /tell.
And because he knows I can't read what he writes in LS chats, he harasses me that way, he uses that against me, he's trying to prove that I don't care about ER.

This is a rule that he wants for this LS (it is in the same Topic he created which I referred earlier):

Elk Trinity wrote:
Member can have multiple LS but should at less answer if we talk to him in LS mode.

He's trying to do an example with me, so YES Elk, I don't read the LS chat log all the time and can't answer your provocations, so kick me of this LS, make an example, you are the leader now, banished me because I don't follow your new rule.

My other concern is that 3 hours conversation, the next day he immediately reports to Chim what I said, but instead of telling the truth, that was a bunch of lies and he distorts all I said.

What Elk wasn't aware of, is that every logs in the game are written inside games files in our hard drives, they are securely written, with authentication and integrity codes. So I have 5 log files of this conversation that prove that he lied about almost everything.

The conversation is in french, I can send the files to anyone who wants to check.

The next day of this conversation, Chim came to me, saying Elk told him that we had an awful 3 hours conversation !!! From the beginning to the end, this is an entire friendly conversation, where he said multiple times that he is 100% agree with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So because he said a lot of lies about me based on this conversation, I have the right to defend myself and the right of reply, because I have a lots of friends inside of Enraged Ram, including Real Life Friends, and because he turned a lot of peoples against me, I am here to establish the truth, because he wants people think I never help, that I am a leecher.

Enraged Ram players know me, I'm here since this summer, and I probably helped more than you Elk, you have no idea how much.
Chim can tell you for example all the nights we spent to help Teh Qte to get a Stronghold drop, you know me, I only play 3 combat class (the rest is and will remain rank 0), and those 3 class were already R50 before I came to ER, so I am the only player in Enraged Ram in this situation: I've never won a single point of EXP with Enraged Ram, NEVER, and you call me a leecher ???????????

When I help, I don't switch class to gain EXP, I just help. Chim can also tells you that I helped so much North American ER players in such many ways that my girl friend came to talk secretly to Chim to ask him to ensure that I stop to help after 5am, in order to have enough sleep.

I gave 19 Ifrit Totems to Enraged Ram players. 19 !! Enough to get 2 weapons, and I still need for me the THM weapon, 131 Ifrit victory, I play 3 class so I only need 3 weapons, I only have 2 of them, I gave 19 Totems, and you call me a leecher ??????????????

At this point, I want also to clarify something with Venom Strife who seems to not like me since a Stronghold party. Venom, what I told you that day, is that I don't like that people use Power Leveling, for me this is not the right way to learn to play a class, Chim is agree with me, but he doesn't mind to let people use that technique, this is his LS, I respect that.
But, if you take a low level class inside a Stronghold to win massively EXP, you put the whole party in jeopardy (and trust me about that, ask Chim how many times we wiped because someone took a r40 class), and your teamates have to do more work, so if you do that, you can't expect to be in the list of people who get keys, you have to choose between keys or EXP, you can't have both, so that's what I told you that day, don't hate me for that, I don't deserve it.

So now, because Elk give me no choice to defend myself against his lies, here are quotes from this 3 hours conversation (again, I can send to anyone the entire conversation, if you want to read the parts, 60%, where we talk about musics, FPS, my past, social analysis, economy, etc.), you will find that this is a nice and friendly conversation, far away from what Elk said: I never spat on ER, I never said they are a idiots.

You will find that Elk said that he is the leader of ER, that Chim have no penis, that he thinks that Miya Kai is a cheater (I think that too) and that he thinks about a way to ban all cheaters from ER, etc.

You will find what I really said about ER (this represents about 20% of the conversation, Elk said I spent 3 hours to spit on ER...), that a thing that I don't like is that almost all people want to level all the 7 combat class to r50, that's stupid, because in the end they don't know their class very well because they have too much to learn.
You will find that I don't like that people use Power Leveling (wow big scoop), because in the end they didn't have the time to learn how to play well.
You will find that I think that when someone say in the LS logs that he doesn't like to play that class, I think that he shouldn't play it, why bother to play a class that you don't like ????
You will find that I think that when people say they are bored, I think they should take a short break and go play another game, why staying in the game while you are bored ?

And the most funny things about all that, is that Chim knows that I think that, because I had with him a lot of conversation about the same topics, and what is really crazy, is that Chim is 100% agree with me since we know each other.
So, again, what the hell ???

Amiral Benson wrote:
Amiral Benson: c'est un gros problème des Enraged Ram ça
Amiral Benson: pourquoi jouer une classe qui lui plait pas ??? bonjour la perte de temps
Amiral Benson: this is a big problem inside Enraged Ram
Amiral Benson: why playing a class that he doesn't like ??? what a waste of time

Amiral Benson wrote:
Amiral Benson: dans cette LS tout le monde veut monter toutes ses classes, même celles qu'ils aiment pas, ça sert à rien, du coup il n'y a aucun spécialiste, et personne ne connait bien ses classes
Amiral Benson: et pareillement, les gens n'ont pas assez de slot pour l'équipement adéquat
Amiral Benson: in this LS everyone want to level all class, even those they don't like, it is nonsense, because of that there is no real specialist, and nobody does not know well his class.
Amiral Benson: and similarly, people don't have enough slot for the right equipment

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:
Elk Trinity: c un jeux tout le monde peux le jouer a sa facon. je comprend les 2 version de joueur et je dit jamais Bored car je le suis jamais
Amiral Benson: et voilà qu'ils se plaignent qu'ils aiment pas jouer telle classe, monter telle autre, etc. mais bon sang ne les jouer pas si elles vous ennuies
Elk Trinity: this is a game, everybody can play with his own way. I understand both sides, and I never say "Bored" because I am never bored
Amiral Benson: they complain that they don't like to play such class, leveling such other, etc. but damn don't play them if you are bored of them

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: ceux qui on plein de job lv 50 et qui savent pas les jouer je suis d'accord a 100% avec toi
Elk Trinity: Those who have a lots of rank 50 class and that don't know how to play them, I am 100% agree with you

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:

Amiral Benson: solo c'est bête aussi, c'est un jeu multiplayer, vaut mieux les jouer en équipes sans avoir l'exp comme objectif, mais celui de chercher les stratégies pour un grand nombre de scénarios, etc.
Elk Trinity: j'Ai toujours été un solo meme dans FFXI j'ai monté 7 job sur 8 solo lol
Amiral Benson: oO
Amiral Benson: t'es trop bizarre sérieux
Elk Trinity: j'aime avoir des amis mais pas jouer avec eux apparament lol
Amiral Benson: pour ça il est des rpg offline bien meilleurs que FFXIV
Elk Trinity: nah j'aime juste pas pouvoir faire ce que je veux quand he le veux. si je veux afk right now alors je le fais
Amiral Benson: solo is kind of stupid too, this is a multiplayer game, it is better to play with party without the EXP as a goal, but instead to find strategy for a large number of scenarios, etc.
Elk Trinity: I have always been a solo player, even in FFXI, I leveled up 7/8 job lol
Amiral Benson: oO
Amiral Benson: seriously you're so weird
Elk Trinity: I like to have friends, but not playing whit them apparently lol
Amiral Benson: for that there are offline RPG way better than FFXIV
Elk Trinity: I just like to do what I want to do when I want to do. if I want to afk right now, then I do it

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: mais comme je dis ta le droit a 100% a tes opinions et je les respectes.
Elk Trinity: as I said, you have 100% right to have your point of view and I respect that.

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: c pour ca que je fais mon propre jeux pour pas perdre mon temps et attendre apres les autres
Elk Trinity: that is why I do my own game in order to not waste time by waiting the other people

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:
Elk Trinity: yep sauf que FFXIV a rien a offrit pour les strategie présenement sauf 2 boss..dans FFXI c'etait différent plein de stratégie a utilisé
Amiral Benson: je suis pas du tout d'accord
Elk Trinity: yes, but actually FFXIV has nothing to offer about strategy except 2 boss... in FFXI that was different, lots of strategy to use
Amiral Benson: I do not agree at all

[Editorial note: after that I explained to Elk that there is a lot of complex strategy to do in FFXIV right now, and that I love that, etc.]

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:
Elk Trinity: disont que je suis en train de faire le ménage depuis une semaine
Elk Trinity: mais ca c une autre histoire
Amiral Benson: oh ?
Elk Trinity: J'ai dit a CHim qu'il na pas de penis et que ca LS allait nul part
Elk Trinity: que s'il veut avoir des gens investi et que les gens arrete de quité le bateau ou de leecher qu'il fallait mettre de l'autre alors c ce que je fait
Amiral Benson: omg t'as dit ça !
Elk Trinity: oui lol
Amiral Benson: comment il l'a pris ???
Elk Trinity: il m'écoute en fait c moi qui lead les ram en arriere plan depuis une semaine.
Elk Trinity: I am cleaning this LS since a week
Elk Trinity: but this is another story
Amiral Benson: oh ?
Elk Trinity: I said to Chim that he doesn't have a pines and that his LS is going nowhere
Elk Trinity: that if he wants to have invested people, and that people stop to quit the LS, or stop to leech, he must bring order back, so this is what I do
Amiral Benson: omg you said that !
Elk Trinity: yes lol
Amiral Benson: how he took that ???
Elk Trinity: he's listening to me, in fact this is me who is the leader of Ram in backgrounds since a week.

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:
Elk Trinity: donc 1. redonné a cet Italien un Penis. 2 trouvé les bon Leader et reactivé le site web. 3 faire les event et 4 bah ca sera les cheter
Amiral Benson: il a eu les couilles de virer qu'un seul cheateur, et encore c'était juste une excuse apparement parce qu'il l'aimait pas
Amiral Benson: oh ok
Elk Trinity: t'inquiete pas pour ca je lui ai fait kicker plusieurs personne dont XIon
Elk Trinity: So 1. give a pines to this Italian 2. find the good leaders and reactivate the web site 3. doing the event 4. this will be the cheaters
Amiral Benson: he got the balls to fire just one cheater, and that was only an excuse because apparently he didn't like the guy
Amiral Benson: oh okay
Elk Trinity: don't worry about that, I made him fired several peoples, including Xion

[Editorial note: after that he gave me a long explanation why he bannished Xion, that was because Xion was stealing Enraged Ram players. So I told him that once I saw him in the Prestige LS of Xion, then he told me that he was in fact a spy... again a spy

Elk Trinity & Amiral Benson wrote:
Elk Trinity: la personne que j'ai le plus de prob présentement dans le cheat c Miya
Elk Trinity: j'aime bien la personne mais c Bot non stop -_-
Elk Trinity: elle fait en 3 semaines ce que la majorité font en 6 a 8 mois
Amiral Benson: belle performance de cheateur même pas intelligent, pêcher 21000 poisson en 3 semaines, plus qu'il n'en faut pour monter de r1 à r50, exposer sa récompense aux yeux du serveur, en pensant que tout le monde va gober que c'est humainement possible de faire ça en 3 semaines tout en ayant un job, etc.
Elk Trinity: c tout simplement pas possible
Elk Trinity: seul un bot peut faire ca
Amiral Benson: et dans le même temps, faire la même chose avec l'alchimiste
Elk Trinity: the person with whom I have the most problems currently with cheating is Miya
Elk Trinity: I like the guy, but he's a non stop bot
Elk Trinity: he did in 3 weeks what most of people do in 6 to 8 month
Amiral Benson: quite a nice cheater performance not even smart, fishing 21000 fish in 3 weeks, more than you need to go from r1 to r50, exposing his reward to the eyes of the server, while thinking that no one will think that it is humanly possible to do that in 3 weeks while having a job, etc.
Elk Trinity: this is simply impossible
Elk Trinity: only a bot can do that
Amiral Benson: in the mean time doing the same thing with the Alchemist

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: meme avec plusieur joueur sur le meme perso c pas possible
Elk Trinity: even with several player on the same character this is not possible

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: il est toujours au meme spot pour pecher anyway
Elk Trinity: he's always at the same spot to fish anyway

Elk Trinity wrote:
Elk Trinity: seul un bot peu faire ca
Elk Trinity: only a bot can do that

Now you all know the truth, I don't deserve his harassment and lies, I don't know what game do you play with me Elk, but STOP this harassment right now, and stop the lies, I am seek and tired of that, I am a good person, I really don't deserve that.

I don't have much times for spare-time activities right now, this is really difficult to me to write in English, and I just spend my all sunday (so far 9 hours) to write this topic to defend myself instead of working or playing.

There are a few things I want to say before ending, Miya Kai, I'm sorry to expose like this such things, I hope you will understand that I usally don't do things like that, but I was forced to, since he used that private conversation to attack me in public, this conversation is no more private, I don't have anything against you except that I think you cheated to have those 2 Luminary tools, and since I come from FPS games, I'm always tough on cheaters because I still think they ruin the game for other players.

I want to say something about my behavior with Lamia, I like the guy, I played so many times with him, I did a lots of inept screenshots with him, a lots of sketch, talked about all FF with him, etc.
Now that I don't have much time to play, I prefer to play hardest fight (only hardest fight) with people of my own level, this is not an insult at all, yesterday Elk tried to make me look like I was insulting Lamia, Lamia and I don't have the same level, there is nothing wrong about that, this so not an insult, you behave like a child Elk.

I also want to say that I am someone who's used to help and answer questions, but, I have a rule, if the answer can be found in the manual of the game (Lodestone Play Guide for FFXIV), giving the answer to the player is not helping him, so I will say RTFM, but if this is a more complex question that can't be found in the manual, I will answer kindly.
People need to search a minimum, giving them all the answers is not helping them at all.

Thanks to all the people who came to me to give me their support, in those moments it really means a lot to me.

Please don't censor me, and don't delete my post, this is my free right of reply.

Thank you for reading me.

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:54 am


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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:02 am


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Miya Kai

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:17 am

I'm still irritated that you're actually accusing me of cheating purely because I got 2 luminary tools. Let me explain a few things about those so you (both) understand how it's possible without actually botting:

• Fishers can just sit in one spot and fish for achievements without running between nodes. You get credited with a gathering attempt towards these achievements regardless of whether you caught something or not.

• I was able to grind at a single spot for long periods of time while watching TV because it didn't even matter to me if I was catching anything. In fact, I managed to watch every episode of like 3 different anime series on Netflix while mostly mashing 'enter.'

• I don't talk in the game while I do anything like gather/craft because it's a pain in the ass. Menus/prompts that come up erase what you're trying to type half the time, so I don't even bother paying attention to logs at all and I just watch a show or movie instead. (Almost everyone I know that crafts a lot does the same.)

• It was my main goal and I was immediately grinding away almost exclusively towards the Rod of the Luminary as soon as v1.20 because Fisher was my primary and favorite class (don't ask me why). I only took breaks from this task to do the occasional Ifrit/Moogle, and then would usually go back to it.

• Because of how much I was fishing, I had an inventory full of fish. Since no one buys fish anymore and their NPC value is shit, I decided to actually hang on to them and make use of them to grind out towards the Alembic of the Luminary achievements just because I could.

• There are multiple single-fish-recipes for all 5 of the alchemy achievements, and because all of these Fish>Crystal recipes are relatively low for a Lv.50 alchemist, I was able to simply mash enter to complete all of them... incredibly easy.

• I occasionally use my PS3 controller (run on PC with MotionJoy drivers) to turbo-craft overnight if I have a ton of ingredients and the recipes are easy enough. This is basically the only reason I got the alchemist tool at all. If this is what I've done that you consider "cheating" or "botting," that's entirely up for debate. If I can craft in front of my computer while just holding a single button down, why is it automatically "botting" when I rubberband the button down and go to bed?

• Lastly, Auxalie mentioned that I was obviously guilty because I am always logged in 24/7. This is absurd and in no way proves anything other than that I leave my game on like a ton of people do. I never log my character out because I don't need to. I don't like logging back in with my security token every time I want to grab a few leves or check on my bazaars. It's the same as how I never turn my PC off because I don't feel like waiting for it to boot up every time I check my email.

So, if this whole cheating accusation is based on the fact that I turbo-crafted some garbage synths for alchemy achievements... I'm guilty of that, but I also think you're an idiot for thinking it's "cheating." Also, if I'm fishing at some hole before I'm done playing for the night and plan on fishing there the next day, why would I go anywhere? I will AFK right then and there, probably with my rod still in my hands, to pick it up the next day. Sometimes, I would even stop fishing and just turbo-craft right there for the night to clear out my inventory and get some progress towards the ALC tool. If this is somehow evidence of botting, I just don't know what to say.

Not to mention, if I actually did use a bot program (disregarding the fact that I would never pay actual money for one), don't you think I would have more than just weaver and alchemist at 50? Don't you think if I really was "constantly botting," that I would have more than a few mil gil? Don't you think I would have botted my way to 50 BSM/ARM/CUL/LTW/CRP/GSM by now?

Amiral tells me that there's a general consensus between him, Reth, Auxalie, Wilys, Suyu, etc. (the clique) that I'm a cheater and that their eventual goal is to remove me from the linkshell. If this is the truth and you all still do feel this way, just let me know and I'll drop this fucking linkshell and be on my way. I have no interest in being in a linkshell where members think I'm cheating. (This goes to you too, Elk, since I know you do talk shit.)

I have no input or opinion regarding this whole Amiral vs. Elk thing. I have no idea why they butt heads so much and nor do I care. I am just defending myself here since my name is coming up under accusations of cheating and apparently that being discussed was a catalyst of sorts for their disagreements. Whatever, I just want to speak up about these allegations against me. I don't need to cheat at a fucking video game.
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Suyu Dunharrow

Suyu Dunharrow

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:23 am

Ok Miya, I admit i was thinking you've cheating for have those beautiful tools, like Amiral, Reth, Elk (not in "the clique" right ? But don't say that again please).

Your arguments are real and strong. In that case, I can understand how you got them in 3 weeks. If you really do it, I admire you for this regular work in this game. Me I can do this but only for mowing, it's more easy. That's why you've all my respects.
More, the link between fisher and alchemist is available. I'm sorry that you are including in this king of war.

You're the one who holds the true, and for that I will not treat you "cheater" anymore.

Here, in public, I present my apologies, the flattest.
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Chimaira Septimius
Chimaira Septimius

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:36 pm

That was a lot of reading Oo u should public a book lol.
ok wjhitout make a list i agreee whti amiral whit at last 90% of what he said and when he say to confirm that asking me thats right. ami helped alot, those last time was more "ghost" likely in LS but i been talking to him and i discovered he was busy whit work, so i let him be whituot disturb as much as possible, thing it didnt happened sicne this elk-ami war.
for sure elk about the LS rules.... u shuold have talk whit me since the fact of the LS was no rules in here, i do like if ppl play whit us if we got member who can"count"in but i NEVER said you are bound by the LS we are not luckd knights or prestige, if ami is busy whit his personal stuff right now just let him be, he will be back when he need or want, as i /tell to elk for sure calling ami in public douchebag as not nice u guys shold have /tell
still ami i dont think u shold rage if ppl got all class 50, me reth jesi phaze a lot of ppl got em and they dont have problem using em, neither i made my class to 50 just to say "hey i got all 50" i made my gears whit materias to be competitive, and even double meld that other ppl did also,
about PL i agree whit you PL is not good at all. u reaally dont knowhow to play that class after, but still whit this crap patch SE making changin thewhole battlesystem u are not used to play yyour class anymore anyway. but still PL is not good. i prefer if they got rid of it somehow.
about miya if he did turbomode enterkey spam, well
for sure i dont like do that i rather just dont play. but thats me u get much satisfied whit your normal grinding. but ppl are free to do what they want still.
we are a lot of ppl as you know the hystory is made of wars. ppl think different and ppl uualy never listen others we are human not robot,
elk acted that way amiral just because you rejected multiple times lamia in pt accusing he the ause of our failure, that not correct at all. me aswell are not that much help lately when im on the crap desktop i have too much lags and stuff i can barely play CON in ifrit since it the easies job in there (for me at last since i tried everything there). i been talking to reth and other i was a bit shocked u didnt liked lamia that much seems u was the only one "raged" that way whit lamia other ppl didnt found the point of the situation. is even true ami you shodl try to DD as LNC in ifrit whitou our eurolags is even worse and you know it so we shold not accuse 1 persone if thr whole pt fail, is never because 1 if 8 ppl wipe

im sorry to everyone for my english but thats me and you konw it :p
have a good weekend

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:16 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:03 pm

Whoa whoa whoooaaa! Everyone needs to chill out a bit. I had a long discussion with Amiral this morning and I hope to clear some things out.

I know both sides of the story from talking to Amiral and reading Elk's logs, so here's the thing about Amiral. He is very busy in real life, so when he plays, he wants to do stuff that everyone participating benefits from. This whole ordeal seems to have started from him declining a few Ifrit parties, because of the members participating. He did this because he thought it would be a waste of his time, a party doomed to fail. He did NOT decline because he hates or dislikes the members. He simply judged that it wouldn't be worth the little time he had left for playing. It is his decision to do what he does in his gaming time and everyone should respect that.

Now, he did not explain himself in this manner because he is not that good in English, and he feels like he has trouble getting his message across. This is what has caused the negative feelings about him as a person. It is his mistake to not explain himself and his reasons, failing to do so makes him look like an elitist bastard who hates bad players. This is simply not the case, but because he hasn't said this out loud, people might think this way. Amiral does not hate any member of the LS, he is not against Ifrit parties that have a newbie and 7 regulars to ensure the win. But he does not like wasting his time in parties he thinks are going to fail all the time, even if it were to improve the newbies gameplay. This is not only related to Ifrit as a single event but everything that requires group effort. Nobody should expect anyone to them for absolutely no reason or for no gain. If someone thinks LS members are for some reason required to help them for nothing in return, regardless of circumstances, they are ignorant and selfish. Also, people that DO help others for no gain in return should never ever expect anyone to repay the favor, much less, demand them to do so. They will be disappointed in the end because of their expectations for people and end up hating everyone.

Oso and to some degree Elk, have attacked Amiral because of his behaviour. It is understandable, but not acceptable. It seems like they did not know the whole story about Amiral. Elk seems to think that he is protecting the LS from Amiral while actually, Amiral has never been a threat of any sort to the LS. He simple sometimes chooses not to help people selflessly. Like Chim has stated, Amiral has helped with stuff before, but because his workload in real life has increased, he does this less now. I hope people can be more understanding towards him.

I have never heard Amiral say anything bad about other LS members before. He is a fair guy who does not harbor any animosity towards anyone. All of this is happening because of his personal policy of not helping for no gain, not handing out simple information that you can simply read from the patch notes, and not explaining his reasons for doing so. I hope this clears the misunderstanding about his behaviour.

I believe Amiral has been kicked out of the LS for the wrong reasons, and should be invited back incase he wants back in.

Regarding Miya being called a cheater... Well, some people consider overnight turbo-crafting cheating, because you automate ingame commands. If you do this, some people are going to call you a cheater, you're going to have to live with it. "Cheating" in this manner, however, does not make anyone any less of a person, and they should not be judged for doing this. It's possible to do it ingame, so some people do it. Like power leveling. If you do not like playing in this manner, then don't do it yourself. Please do not judge anyone solely for doing these things, they can still be great guys, like Miya. Flipping off on people that do this only makes you seem jealous and judgemental. Arguing or debating about it makes no sense as there will be no mutual conclusion. Everyone will have their own opinions, people agree and disagree. However, judging this either way does no good to anyone.

Please, good people, try to understand each other more instead of being judgemental. Respect each and everyone's circumstances. I still haven't come across ANYONE in the LS that is truly a bad person and means ill for everyone else. Live and let live, people, live and let live.

I hope this incident is cleared for now.
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Amiral Benson
Amiral Benson

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:20 pm

Hail Adventurers (ノ^▽^)ノ~~~~

I was kicked of Enraged Ram by Elk, but I was invited back by the person who kicked me and by other leaders. I appreciate, that was kind, thank you.

Lynn Nuvestrahl and Chim suggested me to explain me more about some points, because these points seems to cause real problems and a lot of misunderstandings.

Lynn and Chim understand my point of view (thank to both of you for taking the time to listen to me), but they also believe that because it's a sensitive thing, I really need to explain that a little bit more to others if I want them to fully understand me.

People have different goals in games.

I was in the ER party when the LS got its first win at Ifrit after so many attempts, I was also in the ER party when we got our first win on Moogles after only 23 attempts 2 days after the launch of patch 1.20, we worked hard together, that's a thing that really drives me, I'm a big FPS player, I like the most difficult and rewarding multiplayer FPS, because they drive us to give our best, we need to create complex strategy with complex synchronization etc. I like that, I play for that, I blossomed that way.

I don't know how it sounds in English, "blossomed", but for me this is the most important thing in life and in a game, blossom.

After beating Ifrit or Moogles, what I like, it's new goals, beating Ifrit in less than 10 minutes for the Lodestone achievement, beating all Moogles before Momento Mogs for the achievement also.
But I like to go further, and try new things after that: beating Ifrit with 4 Discipline of Land players who throw rocks (yes we did this), beating the Moogle GLA 10 sec before the second Moogle pop, beating rank 75 mob in a secret cave of Mor Dhorna, etc. etc.

I can't expect that people want to follow me on weird strategy, I understand that they want to win with a classic and proven strategy, that's fine, I'm open, I can come and play a proven strategy just to get a normal win, that really don't bother me at all, I done it thousand of times, as long as the same way people understand that sometimes I will decline invitations because I need a different goal to blossom, and that I need to go play with people that share the same goal as me.

And it is really unfair to see in those moments that some people keep to immediately brandish the banner of the "Elite Bastard Player", it hurts, it is really not true at all, and it is not smart to do that, I don't deserve it, and it leads nowhere except create animosity between players.

In real life I'm a photographer (what ! You don't kill dragons in real life, bouhhhhhh), but in game, I'm also a photographer, I spend most of my time to take a lot of artistic screenshots, a lots of video, time-lapse, HDR and tile screenshots, etc.
I like to record weird and unusual things we achieved, I love it, the more hazardous it is, the more I like it.

Different players, different goals, no goals is better than an other, we are used to play together even if we have different goals.

French and English languages are full of trap when you try to translate something from French to English especially when you are as bad as me in English. I apologize for that, really, and sometimes it creates sensitive misunderstandings, so when I say for example that Lamia and I don't have the same level, I don't say that I am the best player in the world, all I say is that we are not after the same thing in the game, and that we do not have the same stage needs in the game. This is really hard to translate, I'm sorry.

So, I will say it again, I fucking love Lamia, we talked about all the FINAL FANTASY series, we did a lot of Rated M for Mature screenshots together, lots of fun, lots of memories.

As for Miya, I have nothing against you, except that we don't share the same point of view about controller turbo-craft, for me, and SE, and all game developers and admin, this is cheating, this is a hardware cheating, it is the exact same thing as a software bot cheating, the same result, this is not you who crafted, but a machine.

I'm sorry, I don't like that, but you have to understand why I don't like that, it's because I own several games server since more than 10 years now, it cost me a lot of money every month, and when cheaters come to play on my servers and bother all the rest of the players, I'm pissed of, this is an endless war, I'm forced to add unfriendly security plug-ins, I need to set a lots of settings, I need to watch logs, I need to answer to all player who think they spot a cheater, I need then to investigate, then to prove that someone really cheated, and then ban him, and send his ID and IP to black list for other admins, etc.
They make my life miserable, I don't understand that they can't see the mess they create: because they are cheater, legitimate good players are always suspected of cheating, today it's impossible to play well without someone claimed you cheated.

We are not on my servers or in my LS, I don't want you to get ban, I never asked anyone to ban you, I like you but we will always disagree on that cheating point. I read you for the other explanation, this is kind of insane, because according to my calculation we are talking about 13 hours per day of fishing, 20 days in a row, impressive, but as Suyu, I believe you.

As for Osoblanco, /facepalm dude for insulting gratuitous Wily Kit & Wily Kat, that are great people, respectful people, kind people, always in good mood people, helping people, I love them, and I am ashamed to what happen to them because of that.
Talking to Osoblanco is like talking to a wall...

And Elk, please stop your puerile behavior, saying "all people hate you" is a really school playground childish behavior. If the Prestige LS hate me, why they keep inviting me to their party ? I like to play with them also.

Thank you for reading, see you all in Eorzea ♪ o(>▽<*)(*>▽<)o ♪

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Miya Kai

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:30 pm

So holding a button down with my finger all day is fine, but as soon as I put a piece of tape on that button, I'm a cheater?

Got it. Good to know.
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Chimaira Septimius
Chimaira Septimius

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:17 pm

Lol, well miya u are good person and all i like u and everyrhing but as amiral i admit let a pad do your work is kinda stupid but, thats your game, you are free to.do.what u want
I wanted to apologize on lamia also i may have say somethng wrong, so next timr we meet in game i will talk to you to explain something
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Chrome Persia
Chrome Persia

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:31 am

Ahhh! What the hell did I miss the few days I don't log on?

Dammit Elk, dammit. What did you accomplish with all this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just made things worse. Good going, Elky baby.
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Chimaira Septimius
Chimaira Septimius

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:53 am

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PostSubject: Re: Public harassment, my right of reply   

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Public harassment, my right of reply
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