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 DRG - (LNC)

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PostSubject: DRG - (LNC)   DRG - (LNC) EmptyTue Mar 13, 2012 8:40 pm

DRG - (LNC) 21a9zbq
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Chrome Persia
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PostSubject: Re: DRG - (LNC)   DRG - (LNC) EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 3:16 am


EYE OF THE DRAGON Requirement Lnc 30, Pgl 15

-Quest NPC- Haurtefert located in the back of the Lancer's Guild in Gridania. Speak and update your journal
-Head to Camp Dragonhead and head N/W to Gates of Judgment (located on map with a red/orange circle)
-Quest NPC- Alberic. Speak and update your journal.
-Head to Camp Nine Ivies and head N/W to the "!" shown in your journal map. Engage in duty and defeat the enemies.
-Head back to Alberic and finish up your quest. Note from now on, Alberic will be your Dragoon quest giver. If might be a good idea to set HP in Dragonhead.
-You learn the Drg ability, Jump.

LANCE OF FURY Requirement Drg 35 (equip dragoon soul before starting quest)

-Speak to Alberic and update your journal.
-Head to Casseopia Hollow in La Noscea near Bloodshore. Kill Bomb Baron (look at your map in your journal to get approximate location). You must be a Dragoon as you Kill the NM. If you are level 35 range, you may require help.
-The quest ends after you kill the NM and you will automatically learn the Drg ability, Disembowel.

UNFADING SCARS Requirement Drg 40

-Speak to Alberic
-In Coerthas, head to Miller's Glade slightly S/W of Camp Glory.
-Slay the NM Spitfire. You may require help if you are level 40. You must once again be a Dragoon as you slay the NM.
-The quest ends after you kill the NM and you will automatically learn the Drg ability, Elusive Jump.

DOUBLE DRAGOON Requirement Drg 45

-Speak to Alberic. Your journal will be updated.
-Travel to 38,26 to Watch a Cutscene, your journal will be updated once it finish.
-This quest entails you to collect 4 Artifact Armor pieces inside crates/chests across the land. Even at level 45, you can solo at the very least 2 of these pieces. 1 piece will be slightly hard to solo, located in a stronghold and 1 piece requires a full party, located in an instanced dungeon (this is true for all AFs).
-Note, you may open the Drg AF crates/chests using any job/class to your liking. You do not have to be a Drg to open them. This is true if you have multiple job AF quests active because each crate/chest is unique to each job- they do not share crates/chests.

-Drachen Greaves. Head to Camp Brittlebark in Mor Dhona. Head to the cave in coordinates X18, Y18. There will mainly be Evil Eyes in your journey path, they should pose no problems for the most part if you chocobo your way through them. They aggro by sight, so if you can, feel free to move behind them. Inside the cave itself you will find a "!" on your mini map of the crate/chest containing the AF. There may be 2 or more level 50-53 bats. These aggro by sound, so you can switch to walk mode to avoid aggro to obtain your AF piece. This is soloable.

-Drachen Armet. Head to Bluefog in Thanalan. There is a cave towards the north past a small lake. The coordinates are X24, Y7. The path to the cave you will come across Mongrels and such, once again should not pose a problem on Chocobo as you will outrun them. In the cave there is no aggro. This is soloable.

-Drachen Gauntlets. Head to U'Ghamaro Mines near Camp Iron Lake in La Noscea. This particular AF may be a bit difficult to solo but it is possible. You must know a few things. Kobolds aggro by sight. Wisps aggro by sound. So stay away from Kobold line of sight and walk passed any wisps. In U'Ghamaro Mines, go passed the first door. You must kill the doormen to open the door. There will a furnace straight ahead of you, run on the right side of the furnace and head right and straight through until you reach a "fork" and head left. The crate will be a little passed the second door (once again, you need to kill the doormen to open the door). This door might pose a problem as there are around 3 other Kobolds besides the doormen. When you pass the door, you should see the "!" almost immediately ahead of you. It is highly recommended you use a class, and not your dragoon job so you can heal yourself if needed. If you decide to go along with 2-3 people, do not form a party, and all of you remain solo, but walk together and help each other with kills and healing along the way. This way you will prevent links that may be fatal.

-Drachen Breeches. This AF REQUIRES a party of 8 to gain entrance to the location Aurum Vale dungeon in Coerthas near Camp Everlakes coordinates X33, Y35. Luckily this is the quickest and easiest instanced dungeon for AF retrieval. Once your party enters the dungeon, head into the arterial path on the right and defeat all enemies. Afterwards, familiar blue instanced travel rings will appear in the main hall to allow you to proceed. You can kill or ignore the diremites in the way. Step into the Magitek rings with your party and when the barrier disappears, continue on (diremites will despawn if you ignored them). Now, once you walk through the yellowish haze, your party will become affected with "gold lung"- your health will slowly (or not too slowly) deplete. You will also see yellow pools of acid on the ground. Do not run over these as you will sustain heavy damage and most likely die. Run a bit forward and head towards the opening arterial on the right. You or others in the party will most likely have aggro, try to bring them as close to this opening before you die so members can revive you here (otherwise return back to the entrance and try again, you will see it is a rather short run back to the target location). In the arterial, the air will clear and the cave contains the 4th piece of Drg AF gear for this quest. Congratulations!

-After you obtain all 4 piece in which ever order you can, the quest will be completed automatically.

FATAL SEDUCTION Requirement Drg 50

-Speak to Alberic. Your journal will be updated.
-Head to Camp Riversmeet. Head south towards the approximate location shown on your journal map.
-You must kill a level 53 drake named Stollenwurm. Do not be fooled by its level, this mob is not soloable. You must be a Dragoon as you kill the mob. Tips for fighting this mob, you will need at least 2 other members. A tanker and a healer. The fight is safely winnable with this setup (1 tank, 1 healer, and you, the Dragoon). This fight can also be duoed if you bring a long specifically a Whm with you.
-Upon slaying Stollenwurm you will learn the Drg ability, Ring of Talons.

INTO THE DRAGOON'S MAW Requirement Drg 50

-This is the final fight in the series of the Dragoon quests.
-Speak to Alberic. Your journal will be updated.
-Head to the Griffin Crossing bridge S/E of Camp Dragonhead. You will see a "!" on your minimap.
-You will need 8 members to accomplish this coming fight. If your party is new to the fight, it may be fairly difficult, otherwise an experienced party should find it rather easy. Click on the "???" when you and your party are ready.

-Your opponents are the Dragoon Estinien and the drake, Greywin.

-Party Setup recommendations: 2 tanks (Gladiator or Paladin). 3 healers (experienced parties should be fine with 2 healers). 3 damage dealers. It is recommended not to use thamauturge/black mage as their bread and butter single target spell is lightning and the drake enemy is lightning based. Archer would be recommended, otherwise Dragoon as DD if you have nothing but melee for DD (Estinien will do heavy AOE damage on the 2nd part of the fight).

-You must enter the fight as a Dragoon. After you enter and after the cutscene, YOU CAN SWITCH TO ANY JOB and still get credit as a Dragoon.

-Have one tanker tank Greywin while the other tanker tanks Estinien far from each other. Have one healer on the Grewyin tanker, the other healer on the Estinien tanker. If you have a 3rd healer, the fight will be considerably safer as they can heal the DD and emergency heal any of the tanks.

-It is recommended to kill the drake, Greywin first. Have the DD full attack Greywin after the tanker secures hate. Estinien will occasionally come to the aid of Greywin.

-After Greywin is defeated, everyone move onto Estinien. Have the Greywin tanker begin to do full hate routine on Estinien as well just in case the main tanker dies. If you have melee as DD, they will be heavily damaged by Estinien's AOE WS. This move will hit Dragoons for around 1500 damage range, and quite possibly one-shot any mage in the vicinity. If you or any melee DD are hit once, it is recommended that they back off Estinien until they are healed before continuing to fight him otherwise they risk getting killed on his next AOE move.

-After he goes down, you will watch the final cutscene and learn Dragonfire Dive as well as obtain the final AF piece, Drachen Mail.

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