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 Aurum Vale Walkthrough

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Chimaira Septimius
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PostSubject: Aurum Vale Walkthrough   Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:47 pm

Aurum Vale is pretty much similar to Darkhold, you have to steps on lights (Magitek), and kill some mobs if lights are down, this exclusive area has rooms filled whit PISS GAS, and PISS PONDS (step into a PISS POND and you lose about 500-600 HP so.. AVOID it.) in other rooms you can find some fruits they give you POISON PISS RESISTANCE, there is 2 type of fruits 1 is BLUE 10 minutes duration: POISON PISSand PISS PONDS resistance but it reduces the damage only by half, and RED 5 minute duration; it gives full POISON PISS resistance reducing to 0 the damage taken by the PISS GAS and PISS PONDS.

FRUITS (you can notice red and blue sparkle on the walls.. yes those are fruits...):In both floor 1 and 2 is reccomended to use RED fruits, since the runs between gas and clear air are close each others. On floor 3 before enter in the Boss Room, is reccomended to use BLUE fruits , since the fight can last longer then 5 minutes.


---Phase 1---

Run in the first room on the right, in there you will find a group of Jellyfishes, clear the room and run back to main hall, you will notice a Magitek Device is now on (if you dont kill the Jellyfishes the Magitek Device will not work), step on it with your comrades, forget the Diremites, sleep them, or kill them, they will de-pop anyway once the Magitek Device is be used, now you have deactivated the Magic Field Barrier I, the WHM has to provide Regen and Stoneskin on the party, let the tanker always goes first, and run in the POISON PISS ROOM, hug the east (right) wall until you will find the next room (room whit AF: BLM PLD DRG) without PISS GASS (BLM-THM may be required to sleep the toad guarding the room entrance, is better to fight it later after eating FRUITS), if you have an AF quest active, you will find the AF crate with AF legs inside, gather with the party in middle then buff again, AFTER buffs, eat the Red Fruit, DO NOT EAT TWICE or one of your comrades will not be able to eat a fruit as well.

---Phase 2---

Once the buffs are up, and the Party is filled with Red Fruits, you can go again... in the WONDERFUL PISS ROOM. Now you have to kill a group of Jellyfishes again and all the mobs, near them, will not be a problem just AoE them.

A new Magitek Device will be up, you cant miss it, is just north of the Jellifishes spot, but BEFORE you step on it, let a pt member have fun in the PISS PONDS and send him/her to open the Treasure chest in the West side of the room (Look at Map). Now you can step on the Magitek Device. after few seconds, you will deactivate the Magic Field Barrier II, and you will be able to run in the next room,(and escape the DEADLY PISS GAS) use the (???) teleport on the groud and travel to FLOOR 2


---Phase 3---

<Congratualtions> You have Arrived in FLOOR 2a! (dont be so excited about it though! A PISS LAKE is just waiting for you not far ahead!). As for FLOOR 1 you will have to buffs, and hug west wall this time, run in the south room for a quick rest, gather, buffs and eat one BLUE fruit.(Is reccomended to eat Bluse fruits only if you are going to kill the rolselings goup, it may take a while, and red fruit will wore off,so eat the red fruit only if you not going to Kill the roselings)

As soon party members are ready to move, run into the PISS LAKE (well not directly inside the piss... dodge it..) and kill the Roselings you will find in the middle more or less(killing Roselings Grant a new Treasure chest Pop near the Entrance of this floor, in the south Corner), also kill the Jellifishes in the middle of the area to activate the Magitek Device As before, AoE will not hurt at all so abuse of it. once killed, step on the Magitek Device , send one party member to open the chest on the East side of the room (Look Map FLOOR 2a).

now run north side of the room, to kill some mooshrooms, and well whatever it aggro, once they are dead run on the Magitek Device just a bit north from shrooms, step on it and wait to have the Magic Field Barrier III deactivated, now u can run out of the PISS LAKE, from the west exit near your current position, gather on the corner of the next room, for Buffs, and be ready to kill the Garlean Army, they are not hard dont worry,AoEs will answer any Questions. now you can enter in the next floor FLOOR2b where you wil first meet Coincounter the Midboss NM

---Phase 4---


Coincounter is a Cyclops monster type... prolly the last one on Eorzea... whatever.. ok so, Coincounter May look tough to kill, but with the right strategy is like killing a marmot lv1 (not really..), what we used to do, is have at last 2 tankers, PLD-WAR, 2 healers WHM-CON, and rest DD no matter if Ranged or Close Combat, as Long they dodge Coincounter's attack.
Coincounter uses 5 different kinds of abilities beside auto-attack.
-10 Tonz Swing,360 attack, 90% undodgeable, very very fast, affect close range DDs and tanker
-100 Tonz Swing (one handed): cone attack, short casting time 99% one-shot anyone tanker also, can be avoided just running under his legs and go directly behind him.
-100 Tonz Swing (two handed): 360 attack, long casting time, can be avoided running away from him, even tanker has time for it.
- Glower: Cone attack, mid cast time: deliver a PEW PEW PEW thunder thingy pretty much damaging, can be avoided running behind him or on his sides.
-Animal Instinct: Hate reset move. try to dont attack dont heal (if possible) do nothing until tank get him back(not totaly sure about it, i will correct asap).
-Eye Of the Beholder: 360 donut-shaped attack. Very long range. Mages and ranged dd has to dodge going near him or very far from him.

-As soon your party member are ready step into the Magitek Device to start a CS whit Coincounter, skip it i u already saw that, let the tank go first and tank on the west wall, just behind Coincounter, WHM and Ranged DD (if any) will Stay near the Magitek Barrier Door, on the legde, now, looking at the Abilities i made above, you will have to Dodge attacks and all, Coincounter HP goes down pretty fast, but as Meeler Close Combat, Do not stay too much spamming WS or you may be stuck by Animation Lock, and 360 tons Swing will hit you, once Coincounter reaches about 45% hp Left, He summons some Slugs, those are not aggresive, until you touch em, the only annyoing thing is they do Silence and Amnesia, so as mage try to do not move at all, they will not aggro but they may Silence aswell. as Close Combat DD if you aggro some slugs, you will have to kill them asap, even help mage if they got slugs on them. This Fight need Practice, so dont be disappointed if on the first run you will wipe. just come back in the room and practice the fight.

---Phase 5---

Finaly the Coincounter is dead, now you shuold go to the north est
entrance and just follow the way, you will find some scorpions, just kill them, thake few seconds, in the next big room, you will find the next Garlean Army Commando, defeat them and open the Treasure Chest in this room, then follow the way up, kill the scorpions, or sleep them. A new Treasure Chest is popped in this room after defeating the Grarlean Army open it, and folow the way, kill all the monster in the tunnel and activare the Magitek Devices you will find on your way, once is all clear, u will be able to take the west tunnel and use it to reach Floor 3


---Phase 6---

On This map, all you have to do is kill all Monsters in the way, reach last room, and eat BLUE Fruit, then run backwards take the first path on the Right, and Travel in the Last Boss Room

---Phase 7---


How to get 5 Tresure Chests as Reward once the Dungeon is won

- Complete instance in less than 25 minutes
- Defeat Miser's Mistress
- Kill far west slug in first poison room ( must be verified )
- Collect all six Tresure Chests in the Dungeon
- Defeat the Garlean Army

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Aurum Vale Walkthrough
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